We really valued your organizational abilities when planning both of our daughters' weddings. The way you turned a 3-ring binder into a "wedding organizer" was a work of art. Your creativity helped make things less stressful. The event coordinator at our country club was so impressed, she asked to use some of your ideas at future events. Best of all, I was able to take some of the things I learned from you and incorporate them into my everyday life.
Pat Carney
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Tips and Ideas for Controlling Your Finances

Do you have a budget or finance related tip that has helped you and would like to share it with us? E-mail your organizing tip along with your name, city, and state. My tip is...

Use it up. When you replace bathroom or kitchen supplies, always use what you have first. If you switch too early out of desire, keep new things out of sight. This cuts way down on the number of half used products you have to store (out of guilt) because they represent money you spent.

Buy quality. When you make a significant purchase like furniture, electronics, or cars, it makes sense to spend more upfront and get a good quality product. If you skimp on big-ticket items, it costs more for repair and replacement in the long run.

Mail best wishes. Save your capital and suitcase space by sending postcards on your vacation in lieu of trinkets and souvenirs. Do you like getting such items yourself? A heartfelt note and a pretty scene will be appreciated.

Contribute annually. Pick a month to send all charitable donations. During the year, put small amounts aside in anticipation. You can help your favorites each year or change recipients according to how you feel.

Buy Used. When purchasing a car, look for a used one with low mileage. You will get the benefit of a manufacturer's warranty while paying significantly less for the vehicle.

Buy generic. When shopping look to see if there is a generic equivalent to the item you want to purchase. If there is, the price is often significantly less.

Have insurance. Car and health insurance are a must have. One auto accident or bad health situation could wipe out a lifetime of savings without it.

Buy rechargeable batteries. If you have electronic gear, which requires batteries, it may be less expensive to buy rechargeable batteries. Digital cameras, PDA's, and remote control cars are just some of the items that would benefit.

Buy, don't lease. Purchase big-ticket items such as computers and cars. Unless the purchase is for a business it is usually more cost effective over the long-haul to buy these items (even with a loan) than to lease them.

Get a financial needs analysis. Get on the road to debt freedom and financial independence with a written game plan. Most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan! It is never to late to get started. To learn more send a request by E-mail here.

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