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Why Must We Own So Much Stuff?
By Dawn Roth

Time and again we meet people having great struggles with the stuff they've accumulated over time. Have you ever wondered why we collect the things in our homes? Why we keep things so long? What's behind the clutter?

There is no general answer for all, but we do recognize a few patterns at work when we get to know our clients.

More space. Our homes have been getting bigger over time. This means we have more space to fill and it is our nature to do so.

More income. We live in a society with more disposable income than ever before and we are able to indulge ourselves more often.

Patriotism. Our nation is built on a consumer economy and we are taught that shopping and retail spending is our patriotic duty.

Media. As a group we are constantly bombarded with messages to buy, get, possess, and own stuff. We are conditioned to solve our problems with each new purchase.

Fear. We are afraid of running out or not having the widget when we need it. We fear the loss of documents will mean a tragedy of fiscal proportions. The "what ifs" make us hold on to it all.

Guilt. If it was a token of affection or appreciation we feel bound to house it until eternity. If it doesn't get a place of honor on display, we stash it on the off chance the giver will ask to see it.

Take a look at your stuff and see if its possessing you against your will. For help sorting it out, call a professional who can take you through the process step by step.

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